Journey to the Center of the Earth

According to many legends and theories, the extreme poles of the earth may actually be the location of concealed portals to the inner realms of our world! It is a strong desire of a small circle of my friends to validate the theories that have circulated for centuries about the purported existence of societies that make their habitation within the inner depths of planet earth!


NASA Aurora Australis Images

Here are some very nice quicktime videos of the Aurora Australis (Southern Lights) taken from the IMAGE (Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration) satellite dedicated to imaging the Earth's magnetosphere. Note how the aurora streams from a central dark spot on the Antarctic continent.


Infrared Hotspot at Venus' North Pole

When first encountering the theory of the hollow earth, and by logical extension, that of hollow planets in general, one would have to assume that the existence of polar openings within a hollow planetary shell and the presence of an internal "sun" would, necessarily, become observable under the right circumstances. These were my exact thoughts on the matter ...


Jupiter's Polar Winds

Observe the bright, star-like beacon that sends rays streaming from the exact center of Jupiter's north pole in the midst of the circling polar winds ...


Le Sage's Push Gravity

The principle argument against a hollow earth is the prevailing theory the scientific community has adopted to explain the universal force of gravitation. As a matter of fact, it is the current and prevailing model for gravitational attraction which necessitates that the earth is filled with a molten interior and a solid core! ...

World Mythologies and the Hollow Earth

Ancient world mythologies have always described fantastical accounts of subterranean mysteries, beasts, legends and utopian civilizations. The symbology of such accounts have often permeated our modern world and history, usually without our conscious awareness. A closer look at many of the symbols we have come to know, love, and associate with other ideas ...


Hollow Earth Images

Watch this collage of hollow earth images and see what impressions it leaves you with!


John Cleves Symmes — Symzonia & the Hollow Earth

John Cleves Symmes, born in 1780, was a war hero, philosopher, and perhaps most notably, a hollow earth researcher and enthusiast. Soon after retiring from his career with the army, Symmes began a pursuit and life-long obsession which would imbed itself indelibly in the consciousness of the world's people, the pursuit of the hollow earth ...


Neal Adams and the Expanding Earth

Neal Adams is a highly celebrated commercial artist who has helped create some of the definitive modern imagery of the DC Comics characters of Batman, the Green Arrow and others. Neal has devoted a substantial amount of time to the expanding earth model of planetary evolution in which all planets are in a constant state of expansion ...



“It is important at this stage to mention a book concerning the hollow Earth, the finest that has yet been written. It not only contains more important factual information than any other book, but also goes far beyond them in other respects. This great book probably contains more profound metaphysical and scientific truths than any other book written up to the present. The book is entitled Etidorhpa ...

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